The Ice is Melting – Oren Lyons Speaks at ArtRage March 3

Onondaga Nation faithkeeper and dedicated environmentalist, Oren Lyons, will speak about the climate crisis at ArtRage during the exhibition of Fire & Ice.

Oren has been sounding the alarm for years. In a 2000 statement to the U.N. Peace Summit titled “The Ice is Melting”, Lyons warned that “the ice is melting in the north.” He repeated the warning to the United Nations in 2014. He is still warning us and says that, “Now they tell us we have 10 years left before we’re at the point of no return. How do you talk to a person who’s working hard, separating garbage and recycling, when we have corporations saying we need bigger pipelines now?” He noted that recent United Nations reports say that 1 million species face extinction as a result of climate change.

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