Free Use Policy

As the title suggests, Onondaga Environmental Institute’s (OEI) work–including our graphics, books, articles, and reports–is free to use. We encourage you to use it freely and share it widely! Our aim is to encourage environmental stewardship in Central New York.



OEI holds copyrights to its books, reports, maps, charts, graphs, tables, and all other original content found on the OEI websites, unless otherwise noted.

We encourage your use and distribution of this work, and ask only that you attribute it to OEI (i.e. give us credit), ask our written permission for reprints of written work, and that you do not modify or use our work for commercial purposes (i.e., for profit) without our permission. We also ask that in cases where our written permission is not required, you drop us a note at letting us know how you are using our work. Details are below.


Onondaga Environmental Institute’s Free Use Policy

By downloading, purchasing, or otherwise acquiring our work, you agree to copy, distribute, and display OEI’s work, subject to the following conditions:


You must attribute the work you are using to OEI. This attribution, or notice of copyright, may be in the form of our logo (maps, charts, and graphs available from this site include the logo already), or in text form similar to the following:

“From [title of book, report, article, blog post, or web page], by [author or Onondaga Environmental Institute], copyright [year] Onondaga Environmental Institute, Syracuse; used with permission.”

If you are posting the work online, you must include a link back to where the work is posted on the OEI website, or otherwise to


Noncommercial vs. commercial use
You may use our work for noncommercial use. If you would like to use it for commercial purposes (e.g. in a book, online, magazine or newspaper, fee-based website, or in support of any other commercial venture), you may ask for written permission from OEI (see “Permission” below).


Derivative works
You may use only verbatim copies or excerpts of our work, not derivative or modified versions of it.


Maps, charts, and other graphics
Many of our maps, charts, and other graphics are available for free download–in our Resources page, or throughout our website. You may distribute and display these electronically and in print for non-commercial purposes with attribution, but without our written permission, though please let us know how you are using our work.


Text-based work
Most of our books, reports, articles, and other original written work are available for free viewing or download on OEI’s websites. If you would like to re-publish, online or in print, in whole or in part, any of our text-based work, you must get written or email permission from OEI (see “Permission” below).


While OEI does not charge for use of its copyrights, we do require permission in some cases (see above).  To obtain permission, please send an email to


Keep OEI informed
While we do not require permission for some forms or uses of our work, we do like to know how it is being used so that we can continue to create effective tools for education and advocacy. Please drop us a note at  to let us know how you are using our work, and what else you would like to see.


Some rights reserved
OEI offers permission to use our work at its sole discretion and reserves the right to revoke or deny permission to anyone at anytime for any reason.  We also reserve the right to modify or revoke this free use policy at any time.