OEI on Environmental Storytelling CNY

OEI on Environmental Storytelling CNY!

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Coordinated by SU’s Engaged Humanities Network and SUNY ESF’s Writing, Rhetoric, and Communications Program, this annual series of events, programs, and courses brings together scholars, teachers, students, artists and community leaders to deepen our understandings of and strengthen our responses to the impacts of the climate crisis on Central New York and interconnected ecosystems around the world. The series utilizes the best of scientific expertise, artistic expression, and humanistic interpretation in pursuit of mutual understanding and collective action.

With the dire reality of climate change and the degradation of the world’s biodiversity, it is vital that we create space for artistic and humanistic insights to address our ecological crisis. To ethically and effectively respond to this crisis we must understand the structural, historical, and political forces that have led us to this breaking point, while also crafting spaces and coalitions for mutual aid and transformative action. We need the expertise of environmentally-minded humanists and artists to make sense of, represent, and respond holistically to our fractured relationship with each other and the natural world. Environmental storytellers help us understand our past anthropocentric failings while also pointing us toward reparations and possible futures.

Series Overview

This year’s series, “Environmental Storytelling and the Collective Work of Repair” is part of the Syracuse University Humanities Center’s 2022-23 Syracuse Symposium on Repair. It includes public forums, courses, and community-based arts and humanities programs coordinated around readings, talks, and screenings by four diverse environmental storytellers: filmmaker Dr. Jason Corwin; poet,Vievee Francis; community health activist, SeQuoia Kemp; and botanist, Dr. Robin Wall Kimmerer. Learning guides designed to correspond with each anchor event frame a featured storyteller’s work in terms of a pressing social, cultural, political, and environmental issue (e.g., Indigenous Land Rights & Responsibilities) and provide additional media resources, key terms/concepts, discussion questions, and activities related to the issue and storyteller’s work. Visit our Guides for materials created for and generated in response to events in the series.

OEI on Environmental Storytelling CNY

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