June 18, 2010

The long-awaited Fedge Phase 1) will be installed next week along Onondaga Creek. The students and staff at the Expeditionary Learning School (ELMS) near Clary have planned, prepared and are now in the process of implementing this ground-breaking project.

It was undertaken as a citizens' action response to the Onondaga Creek Revitalization Plan and Valley TNT Neighborhood Plans, which both call for eventually replacing chain-link fences along Onondaga Creek with a vegetative barrier of diverse native plants (ie, "fedge").

During the early part of the week the students will be preparing the ground of the 10 x 20 ft plot. The plants come Thursday, June 17, and will be planted Friday, June 18. Weather permitting they are working 8-10 am preparing the plot by removing turf, adding compost, etc. All are invited to join, grab a shovel or cheer them on!