Dr. Stewart Diemont’s “Ecosystem Restoration Design” course at SUNY ESF, Fall 2009

The following reports were generated by students as part of their work for Dr. Diemont’s SUNY ESF Ecosystem Restoration Design class during the fall 2009 semester. The students investigated a local site related to Onondaga Creek and developed restoration design plans, using The Onondaga Creek Conceptual Revitalization Plan goals and recommendations. OEI appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with Dr. Diemont’s class and is pleased to share the students’ conceptual restoration designs with the community as inspiration for Onondaga Creek restoration.

Biocultural Restoration in an Urban Watershed
Onondaga Creek-Syracuse, New York

Suzanne Greenlaw, Samantha Knowlden, Catherine Landis, Tyler Talucci

Restoring Recreational Opportunities and Habitat and
Ecological Integrity to the Onondaga Creek Corridor: A Restorative Analysis of the North Valley Area
Colin Bell, Hui Lin, Johanna Duffy, Zeno Levy

Onondaga Creek Water Quality: A Green Infrastructure Approach

Hilary Stern, Jessica Bohn, Lindsay Perez, Nicholas Zubin-Stathopoulos

Onondaga Creek Restoration Project Report
Trolley Lot Restoration Conceptual Design
Steven Currie, Maria Firstenberg, Taber Geartz, Bethany Jeffords, Tyler Kreider, Doug Nodine