December 3, 2010

Amy Samuels speaks at SUNY-ESF Green Train Landscaping & Urban Ecology (GLUE) workforce training program graduation. In late August Amy agreed to be one of the instructors for the 10-week program.

Green Train is designed to support the emergence of green infrastructure throughout Syracuse and Central New York. Specifically, the Green Train program seeks to directly prepare a cohort of Syracuse citizens with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for employment in the emerging field of green infrastructure.

Key partners include; SUNY-ESF, OEIand Northside UP

Amy was responsible for instructing 9 4-hour classes, for which, she developed the work plan. She also helped design and install rain gardens as part of the hands-on learning experience of Green Train (pictures and sound clip below).

Amy speaking to graduates of Green Train Program (clip 30 secs)