OEI conducts research to progress the understanding of ecosystems, human interactions with the environment and the effects thereupon.

The OEI will lead and support research with application to its mission and of value to the public, governments, natural resource management and regulatory agencies, business, and industry.  The OEI will engage the academic and scientific communities through collaborative, interdisciplinary investigations involving a wide array of subject areas.  In particular, studies that monitor biota, soil, water, and air quality, or assess the fate and effects of biological, chemical or physical agents, stressors or ecological entities causing environmental perturbation will be used to evaluate implications, efficacy or risks associated with past, present or future anthropogenic activity.  Research protocols and experimental designs must be technically sound, utilize current and traditional knowledge, and state-of-art technologies, follow professionally accepted practices or the scientific method, and provide data that are appropriate for evaluating the prescribed hypothesis.  The OEI encourages publication of OEI funded research in the peer reviewed literature.

Below are some of OEI’s related projects.