OEI performs outreach and education to develop an informed public, promote environmental ethics and build an environmentally conscious citizenry.

The OEI will foster and conduct formal and non-formal public education and outreach via industry, business, professional societies, academic institutions, public and private schools, environmental organizations, recreational, sporting, neighborhood and citizens groups, electronic and print media, and the internet.  Public education and outreach may be performed independently or as collaborative efforts using a variety of partners, methodologies, and technologies.  Formal education may involve school programs, curriculum and lesson development for teachers and students.  Workshops and in-service training seminars may be used to promote web-based, classroom, and outdoor nature education.  Indoor and field experiences will be implemented through various grants and other sponsored initiatives.  The OEI may produce or supplement activities and events with a diverse array of off-the-shelf or in-house products and materials, including web-pages, audio-visual presentations, kiosk or panel, book or booklet, poster, and pamphlet or brochure.  The OEI will maintain a corporate website that posts and updates OEI projects and activities.  The public may also be informed by public service announcement or news release to local television, radio and newspapers.

Below are some of OEI’s related projects.