Trees for Tribs Grant Awarded

On behalf of Commissioner Basil Seggos, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) awarded OEI funding for a Trees for Tribs Project, “Riparian restoration of the Ley Creek watershed”, for the amount of $88,045.00. The Trees for Tribs Grant Program supports efforts to reforest New York’s tributaries, or small creeks and streams, which flow into and feed larger rivers and lakes. The goal of the program is to support communities in planting young trees and shrubs along stream corridors, also known as riparian areas, to prevent erosion, increase flood water retention, improve wildlife and stream habitat, as well as protect water quality.

Major work elements include:

  1. Riparian restoration at four locations in the Ley Creek watershed using native trees from NYS nurseries;
  2. Collaborating with the Onondaga Earth Corps to plant trees and engage the community;
  3. Collaborating with natural resources specialists to design and implement a long-term maintenance plan; and
  4. Engaging the community through outreach and/or volunteer events (e.g., site preparation, tree planting, educational field trips).