OEI very grateful to local youth!


OEI is very grateful to local youth, Anika Raj Gopal, Nandika Rajaram, and Amanda Joju Panayil. As part of their involvement in Kairali of Syracuse, these three students decided to dedicate their 2021 service project to our organization. We especially appreciate the 20-25 hours spent planning, sourcing, making and selling products;  purchase of in-kind eco-friendly materials in cards, bracelets and necklaces sold to neighbors; commitment to actively participating in various cultural and social activities in the community; concern for environmental issues including global warming; and dedication of proceeds to OEI. We are also thankful for the promotion of OEI to project customers, as well as outreach to citizens about the immediate issues the environment is facing; both of which are invaluable. Check out this beautiful eco-card presented to OEI as part of this effort!