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Executive Summary
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Onondaga Creek - Geography and Historical Context
Chapter 3: The State of Onondaga Creek - Findings
Chapter 4: Revitalization Plan Development - Process
Chapter 5: Revitalization Plan - Results
Chapter 6: Other Local Initiatives
Chapter 7: Constraints
Chapter 8: Implementation Strategies
Chapter 9: Immediate Next Steps
Glossary and References
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The Onondaga Creek Conceptual Revitalization Plan Draft Report April 2009

The Draft Onondaga Creek Conceptual Revitalization Plan was accepted by the project sponsors, the Onondaga Lake Partnership Executive Committee on April 29, 2009. The public comment period on the draft plan document has ended. The next step is to revise and finalize the plan based on comments received.  Nevertheless, OEI is always interested in watershed stakeholders’ viewpoints on Onondaga Creek revitalization.  Please send us your thoughts: mail to: